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Frequently Asked Questions Fabriclean Terms & Conditions

The Agreement

1a. We Fabriclean (London Ltd) agree to undertake the work for you, the Customer (being Person, Company, Partnership or Legal Body as to who the quote is made) upon the terms specified below and as contained in the quotation as supplied.

1b. The agreement comes into effect when signed, or verbally accepted by you, or on commencement of the work which ever is the earlier.

1c. Nothing in this Agreement affects your statutory rights unless they have been lawfully excluded or limited

Our Obligations and restrictions of liability

2a. We agree to carry out the work with reasonable care and skill.

2b. We will charge for the work undertaken as specified in the quote and any additional work as agreed at the price specified in our quotation.

2c. Whilst every effort will be made to start the work on the time specified we reserve the right to be up to two hours late in the event of matters that are outside our control. If we are running late and if inconvenient of the customer than we can re book. if a new booking time is not mad within 7 working days than we reserve the right to charge the full amount of the estimate.

2d. The company carries full public liability insurance. A copy of the certificate is available upon request. The company is fully insured against damage however cover may not be on a new for old basis. Please ask for details.

2e. Whilst every care is taken no guarantees can be given as to the reaction of certain materials to the treatment. If this is the case we cannot be held responsible for the damage as a result of treatment. We cannot be held liable for carpets that are damaged were they have been incorrectly fitted or shrunk or become loose over a period of time. As part of the dying process we may leave windows open. If we do leave windows open we cannot be held responsible for security to the premises or damage to the windows.

2f. Should we not be able to commence the work due to your failure to be on the premises or make arrangements for access at the given time, or there are safety issues for our staff we reserve the right to charge as per the original quote, or make an additional charge as applicable.

2g. We are happy to move furniture but cannot be held responsible for any damage or breakages. Furniture with draws or cupboards must be emptied.

2h. We cannot be responsible of Acts of God or events beyond our control including travel problems and equipment failure.

2i. The company will not be liable for any consequential loss due on any work carried out or any damage caused by its employees.

2j. Whilst the company carries full insurance (see d above) it reserves the right in the first place to correct the fault by reasonable means.

2k. Whilst every effort is made to ensure safety and optimum results are achieved we cannot be held responsible for shrinkage and or colour run. If this can be identified at the time of commencement we will discuss with you a course of action.

2l. If on arrival the work is not as specified by the customer at the time of the quote we reserve the right to cancel the job and retain any deposit paid or increase the price.

Your obligations

3a. It is the customers responsibility to ensure no dangerous materials or substances are on the property or are within access areas to the property.

3b. The customer must move any ornaments or personal items prior to the work commencing. If our staff are asked to do this we will not be responsible for damages.

3c. The customer undertakes not to enter any private contract with any of the company’s staff or agents for private work in relation to the same or similar activities of the company.

3d. The customer must inform the company of any restrictions on vehicle parking within the vicinity of the property in which the work is carried out. Failure to do so may result in delay and additional cost.

3e. Whilst every care is taken by our staff security of the premises whilst the work is being carries out is the responsibility of the client.

3f. Additional Work can be undertaken at time work is to commence at an agreed price with the company employee authorised to do work and must be paid for on the same terms as agreed for the original quote.

3g. Whilst the quote is given in good faith should there be restriction of access, both to the property and to the room and this is not notified at the time of the quotation the company reserves the right to refuse to carry out the work and charge for the work as originally quoted.

The Quotations and Estimates

4a. A deposit of up to 30% may be required at the time of booking.

4b. Upon signing of the contract or acceptance of the quote you have a maximum of 14 days to change your mind (or whatever period is currently stipulated under current UK law). Any deposit paid will be returned.

4c. Quote valid for a period of 30 days unless otherwise agreed.

4d. Price quoted includes VAT at current rate. Should the VAT rate alter between the date the quote is made and the work commencing company reserve the right to make a change to the price to reflect that change.

4e. Customer can cancel with no cost up to 72 hours before work is due to be undertaken. Cancellations within 72 hours deposit is forfeited. If less than 24 hours notice is given then charges up to 100% of the quote may be made at the discretion of the company. In any event if less than 24 hours notice is given deposit paid/payable will be forfeited.

4f. Quote and contract are both governed by the Laws of United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.

4g. Where quotes are given without site access or unseen we reserve the right to charge more where it is found that stains, services or access is different to what has been stated by the customer.

What happens if you are not satisfied with the work.

5a. If the customer is not satisfied with the work he must notify the company within 5 working days of the work being completed.

5b. The company may at its discretion and at a convenient time to both parties carry out further work to ratify the situation as appropriate.

Payment and what happens if you do not pay

6a. Payment to be made at time of work completed or if agreed at the time of the quotation within 14 days of invoice date. We also reserve the right to ask for full payment before work commences.

6b. Company reserve the right to charge interest at 4% above base rate on late payment. Payment can be made in Cash, Cheque or credit card ( if company accepts such cards).

6c. A 2% surcharge will apply to credit card payments.

6d. Company reserve the rights to refuse payment by Cheque.

6e. In the event the client is not available on completion, payment must be made before commencement unless prior arrangement has been made.


7a. Company reserves the right to sub contract work where deemed necessary.

7b. All work requested by the customer and carried out by the company within the terms of these conditions must be within current UK law and registration.

7c. We will not use your personal information for our personal gain or release this to any other party without your prior consent.