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Sisal and Seagrass carpet cleaning

Sisal, Seagrass, Jute and Coir carpets are all made from plant fibre. This natural fibre flooring is attractive, hard wearing and very popular. However it can be difficult to clean. Most carpet cleaners steer clear, rightly so-for them at least, as using conventional carpet cleaning systems can be catastrophic when used on plant fibre carpets. Natural fibre flooring is made of read, and can shrink very easily when it is cleaned using a water based cleaning system.

We have cleaned plant fibre carpets over many years, and do so using a dry compound cleaning process. Our process cleans deeply, using minimal water, with a wet and dry powder, which is brushed vigorously into the carpet absorbing the dirt etc directly from the carpets’ structure. The carpet is cleaned deeply and thoroughly, and the dust, dirt, grit, grime etc are removed. We spot treat marks and stains individually leaving the carpet cleaner, brighter and healthier upon completion. With this system these carpets will almost always be dry and ready to use upon completion.
During the cleaning process
We move furniture around, where practicable, and back into place once we have finished. We ask that you move smaller and breakable items before we begin particularly china and glass.

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