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Killims, Gabehs, Chinese Rugs, smart contemporary styles, silk rugs, and even some of the more “off the peg” styles can be cleaned safely and effectively in the home. There is no need to have rugs cleaned away from home, along with the extra costs in transportation, warehousing etc. We clean rugs safely and effectively in your home and they are usually ready for use within a few hours from completion.

Because we have different machines for different jobs we clean rugs with a smaller more portable system, designed for the purpose. We use mostly biodegradable cleaning products which serve to clean rugs safely and well.

It is very important to choose your rug cleaner with care as a common mistake, for many carpet cleaners, is to clean rugs using machinery which is far too powerful, and often with products too strong, which can simply be too much for the job at hand and can cause damage.

(Because carpets and fabrics are so varied we take care to ensure the safest and best cleaning methods, with each job, to get the best results. Our team work with our customers, in finding out as much as possible before we begin, to ensure the best results, and if we feel unable to proceed we advise accordingly).

For more information, quotes and advice please contact the office to speak to someone directly.